Cherry Blossoms

Friday, June 3, 2011
Yesterday's post made me feel a bit sentimental.  It brought back memories of decorating the Cutie Patootie's Nursery in a bright bold color.  She has now moved on, but still has the same deep cranberry walls. (No wonder she turned out so outgoing.)

Here is a look back at her nursery and the artwork that I created for it:

*Please excuse the far from perfect photographs, and the curious orb smack dab in the middle.

Isn't her upholstered glider cute?  It is from Bassett in a custom pink, cranberry, and orange polka dot microfiber.

I was (and still am) obsessed with her cherry blossom crib bedding.  It is from BabyStyle circa 2005.  Too bad they are no longer in business, I LOVED BabyStyle.

I loved how the paintings turned out.  The two large panels really brightened up the room.
I typically work in acrylic, but these were done in watercolor to give a softer feel.

I miss this sweet room, but love seeing my Cutie Patootie grow!

With whimsy~


Laura B said...

Can't believe she's FIVE!

Also, don't hate on the orb... that's a spirit! <3

Elizabeth Lauren said...

LB, way to make me feel guilty on bad mouthing the orb. I changed the wording... :)

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