A shared room...

Friday, June 24, 2011
Here is a look at my latest completed custom order:

The specifics:
  • This order was unique in that it was for a brother(2 1/2 yrs.) and sister(5 yrs.) that will soon be sharing a room.  
  • Boys bedding: Circo's Sport Quilt Set
  • Girls bedding:  Circo's Happy Flower Bedding Collection - Purple
  • Wall color: soft green.
  • The client knew that she wanted the two pieces of art to coordinate while displaying each child's own individual interests.
  • Nicholas' interests: sports, superheros, cars, planes, and trains.
  • Alexis' interests: princesses, butterflies, fairies, and flowers.  Favorite color:  dark purple.

Here are the sketch options that were created:

  • In all of the sketches I focused on dark blue and dark purple as the primary colors
  • I used a light baby blue in both pieces in order to add unity between the two paintings.

My client chose sketch #2, but wanted to change the layout from vertical to horizontal.

Here is a look at the finished paintings:

These paintings will easily grow with Alexis and Nicholas through out the years.

With whimsy~


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