painting with shaving cream

Monday, June 6, 2011

This past weekend we started our 'summer fun jar' activities:

The Jar:  LET'S DO!!!

The Activity chosen at random:  Shaving Cream Painting

1.  Materials needed:

  • shaving cream (non gel type)
  • food coloring
  • muffin tin or other container for paints
  • painting tools (paint brushes, plastic forks, QTips, etc.)
  • Paper (We started out using butcher block paper.... the waxy side was an easy surface to make a beautiful masterpiece on. ;)  You could also use regular printer paper, wax paper, or even foil)

2. Make the paint:

  • Just drop the desired amount of food coloring into the shaving cream and stir
  • I decided to stick with the primary colors, red, yellow, blue, that way the kids could experiment with mixing them to create other colors.

3.  Set up your artist's palette:

  • I used a muffin tin as a palette.  The kids used the empty sections to mix new colors.  
  • The larger muffin tin worked great for two.  They sat at opposite ends of the table and each had their own designated side of paint.

4. Let the masterpiece making begin:

5.  The Cutie Patootie experimented with smash art. Ooh La La!!

This craft was easy, fun, and kept my kiddos busy for an entire hour.  

It gets an A+ in my book!

With whimsy~


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