You ROCK, Pops!

Monday, June 20, 2011
Hope everyone had an awesome Father's day!  I know we sure did!  It was a day filled with a delicious breakfast shared with tons of family from near and far,  a lazy afternoon, Texas barbecue, and cupcakes!

This year we decided to make a fun home-made gift for Pops. (C and M's grandfather, my Daddio)
Pops LOVES dominoes and has a few sets; some old, some new, some from cool destinations he has traveled to, some given as gifts.....  but no domino sets for an outside area or even home-made.  Light bulb!

Here is how to make rock dominoes:

Materials Needed: 
  • River Rocks (Michael's or Hobby Lobby)
  • white paint pen
How many dominoes are in a full double six domino set?
  • 28
Need a visual?
C and I referenced this full set of dominoes while making Pops' set.

Here is a look at how the home-made set that C made for Pops turned out:

The process...

The full set...

The presentation...

The dominoes were given in a galvanized bucket to keep on the back porch with a special message attached: You 'ROCK' Pops! (get it? Cheesy, I know..... But SO cute, right?)
Also included with the dominoes was a personalized rock that said : Love, C and M, 2011 (you know, for memories sake.)

These are not only a creative and heartfelt gift for Father's day, but would be perfect on any occasion for that special guy in your life.  

With whimsy~


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