How does it work?

At Elizabeth Lauren you can be as involved in the design process as you want to be!!!

Know what you want but can't find it anywhere?   Have no clue what you want? See something in my portfolio that you like?  Elizabeth Lauren can help!!!

Step 1Complete your Elizabeth Lauren Questionnaire.  
Once I have reviewed your completed questionnaire, you can expect an email containing your custom design sketches within 1 business week.  

Step 2:  View your design sketches.  I will create up to 3 design sketches for you to see and provide specific price quotes for the projected artwork.  At this time, you will also receive an order agreement to be completed at the time you place your order.

Step 3:  Place your order:   Email me your order agreement which will indicate your chosen design sketch and approval of the price quote. 

Step 4Make payment

Step 5: Creative process begins. You will receive a confirmation email that your order and payment has been received. An estimated time frame will be provided. 

Step 6:  Your order will be shipped. I will email you to let you know the painting is on it's way.

Step 7:  Enjoy!