Mama Like: Fingerprint Fabulous

Thursday, January 5, 2012
We love arts and crafts around here, so the Cutie Patootie was thrilled to get a few crafty type kits from Santa this year.

She especially loves the Fingerprint Fabulous by Klutz.

Klutz is the co. that makes all of those great crafty type kits (book style)  that you find at barnes and noble, etc.

I love this particular book because it is SUPER EASY for kids to create fun images using their fingerprints and a few simple line drawings.  This book is a great tool to teach basic drawing skills and creativity.  C's self satisfaction of creating a cool creature that she may not typically draw is priceless. C asks to draw in this book every night before bed.

We LOVE it!

It also makes the PERFECT birthday gift for a buddy.

With whimsy~


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