100th Day of School

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Today is the Cutie Patootie's 100th Day of Kindergarten!!!
Her homework assignment was to decorate a t shirt in honor of this special day.

C's favorite color is red so she wanted to decorate the shirt with hearts.  Good thing Valentine's day is around the corner!  
There are 100 sparkling hearts on this shirt, count them!

For the front I just cut out a simple heart stencil (made from construction paper).  I then taped the stencil to the front of the shirt.  C had fun filling it in with all of the hearts.  We did use dollops of fabric glue to help the hearts stay in place.  That way the foam stickers wouldn't just fall of through out the day.
On the back of the shirt I wanted to reference the 100 days along with the 'love'ly hearts all over the front. 

C loved how it turned out.   I can't wait to hear how this fun day went!

With whimsy~


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