Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Friday, September 16, 2011
Here is a look at my latest custom order. My client is designing her nursery around the 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning' crib bedding from Land of Nod and was in search artwork to perfectly coordinate with it.  She discovered Kimberly from Custom Nursery Art.  Kimberly is a fellow artisan than creates custom art for children's rooms.  She is currently not taking any new orders and has graciously added my website as a point of contact for any new order inquiries.  In the past, Kimberly created artwork inspired by the 'Oh what a Beautiful Morning' crib bedding.  With her permission I was able to "borrow" her  'little birdies' (set of 2) and 'you are my sunshine' designs and recreated them for my client.  
I did change the original design slightly by replicating the orange tree (seen on the land of nod quilt) instead of the sunrise.

Elizabeth Lauren

Elizabeth Lauren


I think these 3 paintings turned out really well.  They closely resembled the originals by Kimberly, while still maintaining my unique painting style.

With whimsy~


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