First Day of School Freebie

Thursday, August 18, 2011
OK, so reality is still slowly sinking in that my tiny little infant will be skipping off the Kindergarten in T minus 4 days. I have, up to this point, remained eerily calm..... That is until now, I am officially freaking out!  I know that she will be fine... C is extremely confident, outgoing, friendly, adventurous, etc.  I am freaking out more on the selfish end of things.  It seems like yesterday that we brought her home in our arms from the hospital, swaddled in a soft pink blanket.  Everything was so new then, that "new" feeling of concern, fear, excitement, and happiness all rolled in to one.  That new feeling has crept up on us again.  I guess it just goes to show you that being a parent is full of new experiences no matter how experienced you are.

Here is a great FREE printable from I Heart Naptime for the first day of school

images and freebie from I heart Nap Time

With whimsy~


Laura B said...

Very cute idea! I'm laughing thinking about you trying to make C hold the "I'm a 9th grader" sign someday. Good luck with that! ;)

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