Non-Staining Glass

Thursday, July 14, 2011
The Cutie Patootie and Mr. M recently added a pop of color to our living room with a Non-Stained Glass back door.

Here's how:

Materials needed:  
  • plastic wrap
  • painter's tape
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick.
  1. Cover glass door or window with plastic wrap.  
  2. Hold in place with painters tape.  
  3. Cut tissue paper into small pieces.  
  4. Glue tissue pieces on to plastic wrap.
We found that it was much easier to smear the glue stick all over a small area then place several pieces on the door instead of gluing one piece at a time.  This was a huge time saver and easier for little hands.

Admiring her masterpiece.  :)

This craft was super easy and fun for the kids to do!

When you are done showcasing it just peel the tape and plastic wrap away and toss.  LOVE easy clean-up!!!

with whimsy~


Alex Jae said...

Thats so awesome that they got to take part in decorating the house and it looks so great!!

Elizabeth Lauren said...

Thanks, Alex!

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