Mama Like: Circle Dot Backpack/Lunchbox

Monday, July 25, 2011
And the school shopping has begun....

One of our first purchases:

Circle Dots Backpack

Circle Dots Lunchbox
I chose this backpack/lunchbox duo for the Cutie Patootie for a few different reasons.
  • material is thick and sturdy
  • great price 
  • multiple pockets for easy organizing
  • lunchbox clips onto the front of the back pack.  
  • size is large enough (but not too large) to hold the necessities of Kindergarten as well as the first few years of elementary.
  • fun and colorful 

I am still having a hard time grasping that C will be starting Kinder in the's all so new, a little scary, but super exciting!

Next up..... shoe shopping. :)

With whimsy~


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