Mama Like: Doodles at Lunch and Dinner

Monday, May 7, 2012
One of my oldest friends gave the Cutie Patootie these awesome doodle pads for her 6th Birthday.
As most of you may know, I LOVE coming across unique and creative gift ideas for kids. 
These are GREAT!!!

Artist and illustrator Deborah Zemke has several versions of these doodle pads out.
The pad is the size of a standard place mat and each page is in fact sturdy enough to be a place mat.  Perfect to use at home,  at a restaurant, or even doodle before bedtime (like C and I like to do).
Each page has an easy step by step doodle tutorial with everything thing from animals to airplanes.  You can find these doodle pads on amazon and barnes and noble, just to name a few.
Doodles at Lunch
image from here

Doodles at Dinner
image from here

Here is a look at the inside of  C's doodle pad.  C loves doodling, and yes, I am guilty of doodling right along side of her.... and yes, I self admittedly have been known to color in her coloring books as well, ha!

Thanks for such a great gift, LB!!!

With whimsy~


Laura B said...

Hooray! I'm so glad the birthday girl-- AND Mom-- are having fun with it! xoxo

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