Etsy Love: Sleepy Timez

Thursday, March 22, 2012
I love this product from Etsy seller Sleepy Timez.
What is it?
A seat belt pillow!!

Seatbelt Pillow by SleepyTimez - Flowers 
image via sleepy timez

Ever look in the rearview mirror and see your little ones head all cranked to one side and using the seatbelt to hold their head up? I have.

Have you ever tried to stuff a jacket, blanket, purse, diaper bag or whatever else is in the car under their little head so they won't wake up with a sore neck? I've done this too.

Sleepy Timez are designed to help ease those sleepy moments and make everyone's trip more enjoyable!

Each pillow wraps around the seatbelt for comfort. The pillow stays ready to catch those sleepy times, but is non-intrusive when awake. They are the perfect size for any age!

Made with fleece
Attach to seatbelt with Velcro
Machine washable - gentle cycle

*If you have a certain color scheme you are looking for....  Sleepy Timez does custom orders!  Contact Sleepy Timez HERE.

Seatbelt Pillow by SleepyTimez - Teal Flower 
image via Sleepy Times

Seatbelt Pillow by SleepyTimez - Lime and Blue 
image via Sleepy Timez

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With whimsy~


Laura B said...

Um, I want this for myself!

Elizabeth Lauren said...

Lb, she makes them in solid colors for teens and adults,, get one!!! :). I just ordered c one in red and purple solids. :)

Laura B said...

Yes, but who is driving if I'm napping?! Can't wait to hear C's review!

Elizabeth Lauren said...

Good point, lb...good point.

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