M is for Mischief

Saturday, February 18, 2012
It is by no surprise that Mr. M has been up to mischief ....AGAIN.  He is a chronic mischief maker.  I have really never experienced anything like it.  What did he do this time?
Hmm... well, lets see.
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Now you might be asking yourself, Well, how did he get the bubbles or better yet where was I or Mr. C. while all of this was going down.  We were near by driving the car and in the front seat while M sat comfortably in his car seat sifting through a bag of party favors he had just received.  Among the candies and toys, was a party sized container of bubbles.    At least it was party sized. 
After a call to poison control, turns out M will be fine, just a little nauseous for the rest of the day.

Sheesh, what will I do with him?
He will be 3 at the end of May so I am hoping that things will start to calm down at that point.  I am chalking this up to terrible two's,  right?  

So this brings me to a couple of clean up solutions that I have learned along the way with M's mischief making.  I thought i would share them with you.

How to remove silly putty out of carpet.

Side Story: I first tried picking it out of the carpet with tweezers until the hubs googled it and saw this trick.  Welp, let me just tell you in about 10 seconds (no exaggeration)  our carpet looked brand new.
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a.   How to remove permanent marker off of humans!
Solution: baby wipes / warm sudsy water / rubbing alcohol (careful around the eyes)

b.  How to remove permanent marker off of plastic toys?
Solution:  rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover

c.  How to remove permanent marker off of a Carrolle baby doll?
Solution:  You cant.  The soft rubbery skin of the doll is just way to porous.  You can however bleach the heck out of the soft white body portion.

d.  How do you remove permanent marker off of Pat the Bunny?
Solution:  Bleach.

Side story:  About a month ago, M decided to decorate his arms, legs, and FACE with a gigantic blue permanent marker that he found in my pantry with all of C's lunch baggies and supplies.
He also decorated a few of his fisher price Little People toys and his favorite lovies named Big Baby (creepy naked Carolle doll) and Bunny Bear (Pat the Bunny).
Avery Marks-A-Lot Permanent Marker
I have pretty much concluded two things from this past year:
1. M now stands for Mischief.
2. Never under estimate the power of a 2 year old!

With whimsy~


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