Tinkerbell & Pirate

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Hope everyone had a fun-filled and spooky Halloween!  We sure did!

As you can see, my little ones dressed up as Tinkerbell and a Pirate!  I created both costumes, semi-homemade style, and wanted to share with you all a few easy tutorials and tips that I used during the creation process.


As with any design I typically start with a sketch of the costume that I am envisioning and then go from there.  I don't like to work with sewing patterns, I love winging it and creating my own unique costumes.

The concept sketch:

From the sketch I gather my materials and get to work.

Items needed to complete this Semi-homemade costume:
  • LOTS of tulle .  (You can normally find small rolls of tulle in a variety of colors at the craft store in the ribbon section.  This way you don't have to buy it by the yard.  I used 3 spools of tulle for this particular costume.
  • ribbon (3-4 yds )
  • any lime green type of fabric (1/2 yd) (I used satin) 
  • white felt (for the backs of the petals) (1/2 yd)
  • green thread
Tutu Dress:  the tulle portion of the dress is a no sew so tutu that is extra extra long.  I tied it around chest instead of around the waist.  In addition, I tied and extra portion of ribbon in the middle of the tutu to be used as a halter style tie around the next.  check out this no sew tutu tutorial.

Petal Sash:  an apron style sash that ties over the tulle dress around the waist.  (The sash helps cinch in the tulle dress.) *each petal is roughly 8" wide and 12 " long.

 Tinkerbell shoes:

Click HERE for an easy tutorial!

Tinkerbell's hair:

I styled C's hair into a gigantic bun, she has a ton or beautiful hair so it was remarkably easy to do with the help of a few Bobbi pins and hairspray.

The flower in her hair was found at Michael's in the floral/ holiday section.  (It already came without the stem and a floral clip already attached. )  the flower itself was wire rimmed making it really easy to shape around her head.

Tinkerbell wings:

I found these in Target's Halloween costume section.  They were inexpensive and the perfect color. 
I couldn't pass them up.

Pirate Costume:

The concept sketch:
Material needed:

  • white tshirt
  • black pants (I found mine at target for 5$)
  • black tshirt
  • red craft paint (optional)
  • scissors
  • white craft paint
  • fabric for sash (1/8 yd.)
  • black felt
  • black elastic for eye patch

Red/White striped T:  I could not find a red/white striped T anywhere so I just grabbed a bottle of red fabric paint from the craft store and painted them on a plain white tshirt.

Pants: I found these at Target for $5.  I simply cuts them 2-3" shorter and then cut a zig zag pattern around the cuff

Black vest:  I cut the neck and arms off of an inexpensive black Tshirt.  Then cut straight down the front to create the opening. I also fringed the bottom of the vest with scissors.  I then free handed a skull and cross onto the back of the vest with white craft paint.  *Tip* Buy the Tshirt for the vest a couple sizes bigger than your child's normal size, it will fit over their undershirt better and look more 'vest like'

Sash: any coordinating fabric will do. (1/8 yd). no sewing necessary, just tie around waist

Eye patch:  created with black felt and elastic

Pirate hat:

I used this easy TUTORIAL to create the pirate hat.


The kids loved how their costumes turned out, and so did I!!!

with whimsy~


Laura B said...

so crafty, mama! they look precious as usual. hope to see y'all soon! xoxo

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