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Thursday, June 2, 2011
A few days ago a dear friend of mine asked for some design ideas and inspiration for her 5 year old's new big girl room.
Her one request: HOT PINK!!!

Here are a few inspirational photos filled with creative ideas, interesting color combinations, and of course HOT PINK.

1.  Hot Pink & Grey

Why do I love this room?
  • The hot pink and grey color combination is amazing.  Grey is a great neutral for any space, easily allowing the star color to pop.
  • Adding neutral floor length drapery panels in the room helps break up the space, the hot pink makes an impact without overpowering the room.
  • The bedding, fabric selections, and furniture throughout the room were kept in neutral tones of grey and white. This helps the room feel less cluttered and the white accents brighten up the space.  Find a similar glider here.
  • The barrel shade pendant light is so fun.  Find a similar one here.
  • The grey patterned wall paper adds a fun textural interest.
  • The stylized tree branch lamp can be found here for a measly $500 (hey, a girl can dream can't she?)

image from here

image from here

2.  Hot Pink & Green

Why do I love this room?
  • Pink and green are a  classic and preppy color combination that can easily grow with the child.
  • The graphic fabric on the canopy adds interest and whimsy.
  • The fabric covering the clutter, books, and toys on the book shelves is genius.  What a great (and easy) way to add color while concealing 'stuff ' 
  • The collection of silver mirrors is great.  Sometimes, in a room painted all one bold color, (hot pink), it can feel dark and overpowered.  The uniformed silver mirrors allow light to bounce around the room while giving the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.  *Tip:  You don't have to find mirrors all in the same color, once you have collected them just spray paint them all the same.  It is a quick and inexpensive trick to add unity to your collection.  

Image from here

Image from here

3.  Hot Pink & White

Why do I love this room?
  • This room is bright, clean, and beautiful!  Sometimes less is more.
  • The graphic rug is amazing.  find a similar one here.
  • The poof is adorable.  Find it at Serena and Lily
  • Loving the mirror. See a similar one here.
Ava main.jpg
image from here

Why do I love this room?
  • Floor length drapery panels are a great way to add a ton of color without commiting to hot pink paint on the walls.
  • Behind these curtains are not windows, but rather, two closets with the doors taken off.  I love this idea for, once again, hiding clutter, books, and toys.
  • The bright pink rug is also a great way to implement color without too much commitment.
  • The color of the rug flows nicely into the curtains making the design extremely easy on the eye.
  • I also adore the bits of turquoise seen on the window seat and table lamp.

image from here

4.  Hot Pink & Orange

Why do I love this room?
  • I love the non traditional use of color.  In this room the walls are kept neutral while the ceiling is painted  hot pink.  
  • The clever mix of different patterns throughout the room are fun and imaginative.
  • The white pendant chandelier has a fresh pop amongst the color frenzy in the room.
  • The carpet floor tiles are fun and allow the home owner to arrange them as desired and are easy for spot cleaning. See them here.
  • The floor pillows anchor and mimic the color and pattern seen on the windows. Check out this super fun crocheted pouf cover here.
  • I also like how the bed is kept neutral. 

image from here

Why do I love this room?
  • An upholstered headboard is a great way to add a lot of interest to any room.
  • Pink and orange are an awesome color combination.  It is fun for the little girls, but sophisticated enough for them to easily grow into for their teen years.
  • I love how the shape of the headboard mimics the leaf pattern seen in the fabric as well as the fun white pendant chandlier.  Find a similar pendant here.
image from here

So there you have it, a few hot pink ideas for any spunky little girl!

The fun part in any room design is making it your own.  Taking ideas from here,there, and everywhere.  Making a space that fits your child's personality and own personal style.

With whimsy~


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