Sweet as Cotton Candy

Thursday, May 19, 2011
My sweet baby girl recently turned 5!

I must say, that in the past 5 years she has grown into a beautiful, funny, caring, and EXTREMELY outgoing little lady.

Meet the Cutie Patootie:

For C's fifth birthday party she decided on San Antonio's Kiddie Park.
A wonderfully vintage (well almost all vintage) amusement park geared for kiddos ages 12 and under.
They have everything from a carousel, miniature boat rides, mini ferris wheel, etc.

To find out more about Kiddie Park click here.

Here is a peek at how the Cutie Patootie's party turned out...


As an Etsy seller myself, I found it only fitting to support my fellow Etsians.  On my search for the perfect vintage carousel / carnival themed invitation I discovered Event123 on Etsy
Ann, at Event123, was very easy to work with, her products are adorable, materials are top of the line, and best of all.... the turn around was super quick.  
She designed this custom invitation inspired by the vintage carousel / carnival theme while using our desired cotton candy color scheme.  As an added bonus, Event123 includes envelopes with a coordinating return address!

I was thrilled with how they turned out!!!


All of the party decorations and accessories were inspired by traditional cotton candy colors, referencing the vintage carnival theme, without being too obvious.

Frustrated with the lack of unique party decorations, I decided to take matters into my own hands.


Table centerpieces:

These pinwheels were extremely easy to make, and perfectly added a pop of cotton candy color on the tables.  
Once assembled I arranged the pinwheels in glass vases filled with multicolored mini marshmallows.  (an inexpensive, yet adorable, vase filler)  I even noticed the kids loved to nibble on them through out the party.  :)
These pinwheels not only make fun table decorations, but could also be a creative way to spend with your kiddos on a long summer day.  ;)

Want to make your own pinwheels?  Here is an easy tutorial.

The Cupcakes:

The cotton candy cupcakes were a HUGE hit with both the kiddos and the adults.  The cotton candy fluff on the top was unique, cute and super tasty.   Ice cold lemonade was served along side.

Want to make them?  Check out Becoming Lola's easy recipe.

The party favors:

Each little one left with a bag full of goodies... cotton candy, bubbles, animal crackers and salt water taffy.

All in all the party was a success!

Happy 5th Birthday to my, sweet as cotton candy, little girl!

With whimsy~



Amy said...

I didn't know there was cotton candy in the icing. They were delish. Which cupcake recipe did you follow - batch 1 or batch 2?

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