Transportation Party - M is 4!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013
Mr. M is 4!!!

This year his party was at the Texas Transportation Museum here in San Antonio, TX. 
A small but amazing place for the little ones to explore and imagine what it would be like to be a train conductor and learn about all things Transportation.  

The Invitation and Thank You card is from Lovely Little Party via ETSY.
DIY Printable Train Birthday Invitation Kit - Invite AND Thank You Card included
image from LovelyLittleParty

The Decorations:
I made all of the transportation signs out of poster board and craft paint.  I added a creative touch by including M's name and age on a few of the signs.  The signs were attached to wooden dowels and put into small galvanized buckets filled with rocks to weigh them down.  Blue table clothes were accented with red paper confetti, cloth train hats, and bandannas. 

What the kids did:

A REAL train Ride,  a large train tour, lots of exploring small trains, old cars, horse drawn carriages, etc.  Basically,  a perfectly magical place for my 4 year old and his buddies!

The Party Food:
Sack lunches filled with PBJs ,Turkey sandwiches, applesauce and sunchips.  I clipped a 'FUEL' tag on to each bag with a wooden clothes pin.  The chugga choo choo round label on the fuel cards is a FREE PRINTABLE from Poofy Cheeks.

The Cupcakes:
The adorable Train cupcake toppers are FREE PRINTABLES from Poofy Cheeks.  I LOVE free printables, especially cute ones!  Thanks Poofy Cheeks!

Each child was given a cloth train hat (find them HERE) and bandanna at the beginning of the party. (To make the bandannas go farther I cut one in half at a diagonal. 1 bandanna=2 kids).  Train Track Trail Mix (pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows = Tracks, coal, and steam) was handed out at the end of the party. The round train track label was a FREE PRINTABLE from Poofy Cheeks.

 Our little Family

The party was a blast even in the Texas heat. Happy 4th Birthday to our little guy!!!

 With whimsy~


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