HIP HOP Hooray

Saturday, May 11, 2013
I can't believe how fast the years fly by.  The Cutie Patootie recently turned 7!!!
This year she had a HIP HOP party at her dance studio.  The girls loved it and had a blast learning some new moves.  

Here are a few of the cute details:

THE INVITATION:  As usual, Jane from BugLuv via Etsy created these adorable custom invitations for us.  
Printable or Emailable Girls Hip Hop Dance Birthday Party Invitation
Find this invite at BugLuv's Etsy Shop HERE.

THE PARTY: The girls were taught a Hip Hop routine and then performed it to all of us at the end.  Pretty impressive for a short class!

THE HIP HOP POPS:  These were a fun play on the traditional cupcakes or cake.  Cake pops are typically 
quite a process to make, but with a little research I found the easiest and most time efficient way to make them was by using the cake pop baking tray made by Nordic Ware . I found it at our local HEB.  (Target, Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry it as well.)  You can also find the cute cake pop tags at BugLuv.

I used these 'how to make fool proof cake pops' tips from HOMEMAKER CHIC.  Great tutorial!!!

THE FAVORS:  BugLuv created this coordinating CD case cover.  The girls were given a track of a few hip hop songs, including the one that they learned there routine too.  C thought this was totally cool.  


There you have it!

With whimsy~


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