Food Face Plate

Monday, June 11, 2012
I know I am not alone when I express the frustration I(we)  often face at the dinner table.  I have a very picky 3 year old and at times it seems like the only things he will eat are berries and cheese.  (which, I must admit, sounds delicious but let's face it is probably not the best or most well rounded meal of choice).
So here we are.. on a regular old Monday night... He actually ate his dinner!!!... ALL of it!!!.... Including the broccoli. 

How you wonder?.. (see below.)

He thought these plates were hillarious.  Fingers crossed that the excitement lasts for a little while.

My 6 year old also LOVES creating her own mini masterpieces on these plates.

These funny little plates can be found at Amazon or Uncommon Goods.

With whimsy~


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